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Jefferson City Young Professionals

Originally called “Young Professionals”, “hYPe” (helping young professionals evolve) is an organization supported by the Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce for professionals under 40 in JCMO. Truth be told, most members are between 25 and 35.

hYPe’s Mission? hYPe seeks to improve the quality of life in Jefferson City by promoting an environment that attracts, develops, and retains young professionals.  The organization is a little over three years old (has it really been that long?).

Membership: I’ve heard varying accounts, but I believe currently the organization has about 400 members.  I would guess about 100 members are actually active in the organization.

Meetings: hYPe meets the first Thursday of every month for lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on the lower level of Providence Bank on Ellis Blvd.   Meetings usually go like this:

Jefferson City Young Professionals Volleyball Team

  • Show up, pay for lunch, put on a name tag
  • Get in line for food and chat with your food line-mates
  • Find a table (sometimes you choose, and sometimes you draw a number for a table)
  • Visit with the folks at your table (yes, I said folks)
  • Meeting welcome by the President
  • Introductions – everyone in the room stands up and says their name and business
  • hYPe Board Members share what is going on with their committee and about upcoming hYPe events
  • Presentation by Speaker — the topics vary.  I’m looking forward to today’s speaker, Sean Siebert, who is presenting “Triangulation: How to Effectively Utilize Social Media to Build, Develop, and Sustain a Personal Brand in the Social Era Economy”
  • Q & A with the Speaker
  • Announcements — members stand up and announce community events or upcoming business events
    ***Meeting format is subject to change at the discretion of the hYPe Board

Young Professionals VolleyballDues?  hYPe dues are $60 a year, but if your business/organization is a Chamber member, then membership is free.  You can purchase lunch at the monthly meetings for $7.

There are also sports leagues (bocce, volleyball, softball etc.), socials, & professional development events.  There is a Lunch with Leaders and a Cardinals Trip coming up.  You can read about these hYPe happenings on the hYPe facebook page.  Many hYPe members also participate in Chamber events, such as the Gala, the BBQ, Membership Meetings & Friday Coffees.

Why I am in hYPe:

I first joined because all my friends were doing it.  I have continued attending because I like meeting new people.  Every single meeting I meet someone new and/or learn about something I didn’t know before.  I also keep going because I enjoy seeing my friends for lunch.

hYPe has afforded me leadership opportunities. I had the chance to serve as the Government Chair (and on the hYPe Board) for two years.  Did you know that 6 of the 18 elected Chamber Board members are hYPe members?  I don’t think this would the case if it was not for hYPe.  Through hYPe, young professionals are able to get involved, get some leadership experience, and are now being tapped for other leadership roles.

I am proud that JCMO supports a young professionals group.  A few years ago, some young professionals wanted to get this organization off the ground.  The Chamber and the community embraced the idea.  Now, it’s on us to get involved and stay involved.  We asked for it, we got it — it’s on us to make the most of it.

Want to learn more about hYPe?  hYPe Website  |  Page on Chamber Website  |  Facebook  | Twitter

Are you in hYPe?  Why or why not?  If you are — what is your favorite part about hYPe?

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