JCMO’s Downtown Dinner Dash Recap

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The Food

The Grand Cafe > G2 Gallery > Capitol City CORK

That was our “Dinner Dash” route.  I started with the Bruschetta with a trio of house made relish at The Grand Cafe.  It was wonderful.  My sister had the Charcuterie – variety of cured meats and pickled vegetables, which I also sampled.  It also came with homemade Lavash crackers that were delicious.  Add to that a glass of Chardonnay and a little live Jazz and we off to a great start.

Dinner Dash - JCMO - The Grand Cafe

The Grand Cafe

Next up: G2 Gallery.  G2 took a different approach and had three stations.  At each station, they paired a food offering with a certain beer.  I loved this set up.  It kept people moving around and mingling.   I especially liked the Caramelized Pear, Onion, Gouda & Bacon Stromboli paired with Mother’s Lil ‘Helper.  G2 is usually only open for private events – so it is a treat to go there for “dinner.”

Dinner Dash - JCMO - G2 Gallery

G2 Gallery

Our last stop was at Capitol City CORK. I had the savory ponzo pork in phyllo dough with Asian slaw.  The Asian slaw was everything I would want from a summer slaw in May.  The phyllo dough was perfectly flaky.  It was wonderful.  We also enjoyed a champagne lemon drop with fresh blueberries.  It was perfectly sweet.

Dinner Dash - JCMO - CORK

Capitol City CORK

I didn’t have the chance to visit Gumbo Bottoms or Madison’s – but at the after-party I heard people raving about the food at both locations.  I hope to put them on my list for next year’s Dinner Dash.

As for the after party, in the past, it has been on Madison Street.  Of course, we were blessed with 40 degree temperatures in May.  But we had a backup plan – back to G2!  As you climbed the stairs into the Old Lohman Opera House, now G2Gallery, for the After Party, you were greeted by the infamous Mike Michelson, playing and singing popular tours on the piano.  Michelson regularly plays at Bones in the Alley.  You were also greeted by an entire table of beautiful desserts from Chez Monet and Coffee from Cafe Via Roma.  My favorite is the one pictured — a mounds candy bar -ish cookie.  Yum!

Dinner Dash - JCMO - Chez Monet

Desserts by Chez Monet


Everyone visited, shared stories of their “Dash” experience and listened to music provided by Quentin Rice (Q Entertainment).  The party started to wind down around 10:30.

The Service

The Downtown Restaurants & Bars went above and beyond.  They put together beautiful small plates menus.  We were greeted with smiles and intricate descriptions of the food and beverages.  The owners and chefs are extremely proud of their businesses, as they should be, and this shines through on Downtown Dinner Dash night.

The People

Most people came in groups of 2-6.  There were people in their twenties and people in their sixties — it was fun regardless of age.  There were some “foodies” including food blogger, Cassie.  I also met someone who supplies food to several Downtown restaurants.  There were several COMO residents on the JCMO Dinner Dash too.   I saw some of my favorite people, some old friends, and made some new friends. Seventy-five in all participated.

Dinner Dash JCMO - After Party - G2 Gallery

The After Party

The Place

Downtown Jefferson City. Each location had its own unique vibe.  The low-lit Italian vibe at Madison’s.  Gumbo’s this-is-my-favorite-pub feel.  The casual upscale dining feel at The Grand. The ceilings, moldings and art at G2.  The black and white tablecloths and faces of High Street at Cork.  They were all different — all unique — but all delightful.  Despite it being ridiculously cold for May, walking the streets seeing the brick and architecture of Downtown certainly added to the event.

You can read about the Dinner Dash in the Jefferson City News Tribune here.  Who is ready for next year?  Actually, I’m really hoping to get together a similar event for teens in JCMO this summer.  Stay tuned…

Update: See coverage in the JCNT – “Events Highlight Capital City Eateries.” 

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  1. It was so great to hang out with you guys. We loved this event!

  2. Thanks Cassie! We had a blast too! This post sounds so everything-is-rosy, but I truly had no complaints!

  3. Dayla

    You’ve done such a fabulous job of making my mouth water. I will make sure we don’t miss the Dinner Dash next year! I love our downtown and all of the great events JCMO has to offer!

  4. Thanks Dayla! Thursday Night Live is less than a month away!

  5. Dayla

    I am so looking forward to TNL! My girlfriends and I didn’t miss a week last year. Thursday June 20th will be “Birthday Night Live” for me! I can’t think of a better party!

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