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May 14, 2013 by

Jessy at Mission JCMOConfession:  A few weeks ago I went to the Mission on a Tuesday night.  Who goes to the Mission on a Tuesday night?  Guilty.

Well, my sister is what I call a “true fan.”  She loves live music and goes to lots of concerts — here in JCMO, Columbia, St. Louis, even Nashville.  A gal she knew growing up now plays at the Mission fairly regularly on Tuesday night.   She has been telling me what fun it is – so I decided to join her.

The verdict? This gal totally rocks. So does the Mission.  Jessy has played at the Blue Note and regularly plays at the Mission.  The Tuesday I saw her, she had just opened for someone at Mojo’s in Columbia.  Some of the guys that sometimes play with her (at the Mission) were talking about how they had an upcoming show at the Pageant in St. Louis.  Did you know quite a few people who play at the Blue Note (where you will have to pay to see them) actually also do a show at the Mission (usually, for FREE).  Yeah, I didn’t either — but now I do — and I’m sharing that secret with you.

The music was fantastic, the service was good, and the place was surprisingly full, for a Tuesday night in JCMO.  Good news for you, Jessy is playing again tonight (I believe her show starts at 9).  Check out upcoming shows on The Mission’s website or on their Facebook page.

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