Something New in Downtown JCMO

May 23, 2013 by

J. Pfenny's

Rumor has it the long awaited frozen beverage station at J. Pfenny’s will officially open today.  They happened to be testing it out last weekend during the Hidden Spaces tour.  If you didn’t know, the tour was moved from August to May because it was always so hot in August.  In true Missouri style, we still got stuck with 90-degree weather for the tour.  Despite the fact that it was hot, the tour was an absolute treat.  So many cool spaces – lofts and commercial spaces, I loved seeing the reactions on other people’s faces as they climbed the stairs to a space and then saw something unexpected.J. Pfenny's | JCMO | Jefferson City

After the full tour I was both exhausted and hot.  Luckily, J. Pfenny’s had one machine fired up — the pina colada — and it was delicious.  I was told they were going to start officially serving these beverages to the public tonight.  Oh, and their new deck is going to be a wonderful place to hang out this summer.  Great additions to Downtown JCMO.

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