Cloth Diapering in JCMO

May 24, 2013 by

This blog isn’t just about live music and frozen drinks.  Sometimes it’s about stuff that stinks, literally.

Most wouldn’t consider JCMO the epicenter for a crunchy lifestyle.  Still, I have found it very easy to cloth diaper like a pro here in good old JCMO.  And, no, this isn’t your grandma’s cloth diapering.  If you are envisioning folding, pins, and toilet dunking — you must watch the slideshow below.

We have two stores with cloth diapering supplies: Sprouting Up and  Whaley’s Mommy & Me.   Sprouting up sells the brand of cloth diapers we use and also occasionally hosts classes or workshops on cloth diapering.   Many of my Mid-Mo mom friends have chosen to use cloth diapers.  I think it is just great that we can find the information and supplies we need right here close to home.    Most people still look at me a like I am a little crazy when they find out we use cloth diapers — but I gladly return the same look — why aren’t you cloth diapering?  Really.



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