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May 28, 2013 by

Have you heard of “Tagboard“?  I hadn’t until recently, and the concept is pretty neat.  Basically, it brings together all the info on a single subject from your favorite platforms.  Their website states that Tagboard is “creating a new conversation medium where people can discuss the subjects they care about with others who share their interests.”

Since we all like to use “JCMO” — a lot of great information is available on the JCMO Tagboard.  I have updated the JCMO Social Media page to include the Tagboard page.  Here is a screen capture from what is up on the JCMO Tagboard today.  You can see the different platforms across the top of the page (you can limit your search to one platform, but I like seeing it all together).    I think it will be really useful for events with unique hashtags, but it has also helped me find other people and organizations talking about JCMO.

JCMO Tagboard

Do you use Tagboard?  If so, what is your favorite way to use it?  If not, how do you see yourself using it?


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  1. Many thanks for the piece on Tagboard. We love it too! Please share any information you have, we are always looking to improve. jonah(at)tagboard.com

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