What are you reading, JCMO?

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Bookshelf stylingI love to read.  I recently realized the stack of books near my bed is probably a hazard for my small child.  I do love hardback books, mainly because they look pretty on bookshelves. But, I also have recently started reading on the iPad and that just makes my reading obsession worse.  Being able to purchase and start reading a book instantly – I’m going to have to add a new line item to my family budget for “books.”  Have you read any good books lately? I have.

My book club just read Lisa Genova’s Still Alice.

Last month we read Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth.

My husband and I have been reading William Davis’ Wheat Belly.

One of my favorite’s (and first book on the iPad) was Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In.

Other books I’ve read on the iPad in the last month include Seth Godin’s Tribes & Michael Hyatt’s Platform.

I’m currently reading Jon Acuff’s Start.

I think we are going to read Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers for next month’s book club.  I’ve read it before, but I will probably pick it up and skim it again.  I remember it being really good.

So what are you reading, JCMO? I’d love some good recommendations in the comments.

The Library

If you haven’t been to the library in Jefferson City lately you might check it out.  I love that it is Downtown and I can walk there from my office.  Library cards are free.  You can check out books, DVDs, and the like.  You an also download ebooks from their website to read on your iPad.

It’s also great for research.  The library is one of only four public libraries connected to the Mobius system (which means you can get almost any book from almost any two or four year institution and other larger libraries right here in JCMO).

They have more than just books.  Tonight, there is a class on basic landscaping. My husband went to a great program not too long about the history of beer and breweries in JCMO and really enjoyed it.   If they do it again, I hope to attend.

The Library is actually having their Summer Reading Kickoff this Friday at 6:00 p.m.  Looks like a fun, family friendly event.

Have you been to the library lately?  What is your favorite part about MRRL?

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