Reason #2 to Live in the Riverhood – For Runners

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Sidewalks in the Riverhood Jefferson City Missouri

The Sidewalks in the Riverhood on my favorite loop.

First reason to live in the Riverhood: the View of the River.

Second reason? Sidewalks.  Getting outdoors in the Spring, Summer & Fall is my favorite thing to do.  I enjoy going for walks, and hope to get back to my love for running.  The first year we lived in the Riverhood, my husband and I were training for the Roots N Blues 10k.

In all my life, I have never lived somewhere where I could lace up my shoes on my front porch and (safely) take off for a run.  Now I do, and it is life changing (it’s also life changing for any of you who have had to figure out how to fold up, lift, and stuff a jogging stroller in your car — I just wheel mine right out of my garage and we are off).

I’m not going to say that some of the sidewalks don’t need a little work, but for the most part, you can easily navigate the neighborhood (as long as you are willing to work — I never said it was flat). The good news about the hills:  anyone who trains in JCMO will be more than prepared for a Columbia race (the hills here are killer, and we spent most of the race on the MKT, which is flat).

Although we trained at various distances, I feel like for a lot of runners, a 5k is about what they like to run regularly.  The cool thing is there are two pretty fantastic 5k-ish loops in the Riverhood.  We discovered them when we were training using our GPS watch but  I used Map My Run to draw you a picture.

First up, the Park Loop.  Head out of the Riverhood, down to Memorial Park.  Lap the Park trail twice, and return.  I love the Park because there are always lots of people there and the trees keep it pretty shady.   It is a little short of a 5k (or perhaps that is just my bad estimation of the park loop), but you get the idea.

Park Loop, Riverhood, Jefferson City, Missouri

The Park Loop

Next up, the Capitol Loop.  I think most people in Jefferson City take the Capitol for granted.  It is harder to do when you are on foot in the Millbottom.  Truly a beautiful view.  Head out of the Riverhood, toward the Capitol, loop the Capitol and return.

Capitol Loop

Seriously, how many people can say they can step off their front porch, loop their beautiful state Capitol and return home for an almost perfect 5k?  The Riverhood rocks.  Case closed.

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