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So several years ago, there was a lot of conversation about how to keep and/or attract young professionals to Jefferson City.  My husband and I went for a run.  And we brainstormed.  Why do we know so many people not from Jefferson City who live here and work here now?  What is it about these people that made them choose JCMO?

Jeff City START Kickoff Collage

Jeff City START 2012 Kickoff

It took a while to get there, but we finally landed on the commonality:  internships.  Most of the “young people” that we knew living and working in JCMO, first came here or returned here because of an internship.  Many of the people we knew participated in the Truman State Missouri Government Internship program.  The unique part of this internship was that it was intensive and career focused — while all of the interns worked in separate offices, we came together once a week to share about our experiences and hear from former interns, or other professionals about possible career paths in government.   It was the networking with other interns and the exploration of career paths that I think played a significant part in these interns finding careers in Jefferson City and wanting to make JCMO home.

So, we asked ourselves: Why can’t we have an intern “program” for interns in JCMO businesses in the summer? We were encouraged to draft a plan and then discuss it with the Chamber.  This was my first involvement with the Chamber.  I was a 20-something with an idea on a piece of paper.  The Chamber listened, gathered the right people, committed resources, and created a committee to get to work on the idea.  The rest is history.

Jeff City START Events Collage

We launched a website.  We are on facebook & twitter. We start the summer with a “Kickoff” — this is our third year.  Last year we had 50+ interns participate in the Kickoff.  We talk to community leaders and young professionals, take a tour of the city and more.  A committee of eight community volunteers has been hard at work to make this program happen in 2013. 

Check out the agenda for the day here: JCMO START Agenda

Do you have an intern?  Are you an intern?  Register interns here

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