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Jun 11, 2013 by

And the good news keeps rollin’ in.  JCMO has been the subject of several (positive) articles lately.   Are you caught up on your JCMO news?

Of course, I can write all month about my thoughts on JCMO.   But you know I am biased.  So I really like when I can point to other people to back me up so I can say “See?  I may be biased, but I am also right.”  Here are some other folks who are driving in some runs for Team JCMO:

(1) Get out your seersucker and your big hats, and start practicing your accent: JCMO was named as one of the Ten Shining Examples of Economic Development That’s Working in the South by Southern Business & Development.  Here is what they had to say about JCMO:

A combination of high income, low cost of living, quality education and a variety of housing options offer a quality of life treasured by those who live in Missouri’s capital city. As the state capital, Jefferson City attracts and retains a highly skilled and educated workforce, not only for government jobs, but also for industries such as manufacturing, health care, finance and education. The diversity in the business community translates into a strong mix of technical, industrial and professional labor skills as well as an economy that remains stable even during challenging times.

(2) An Indiana Blogger recently passed through town and wrote this article.  The JCNT wrote about him writing about JCMO.  So this is me writing about the JCNT writing about the blogger writing about JCMO.

American Dirt(3) Another blogger who is traveling to all state capitals wrote a trilogy of posts that include both historical and personal analyses — read here, here, & here.

(4) A Missouri blogger visited JCMO this past weekend and has so far, written one post about her visit.  She also tweeted a lot — and I needed an excuse to try to see if I could figure out how to use Storify – and I did – so here is a storify-ed recap of her trip.

Also, for a more regional perspective, I enjoyed this piece in the NYT: “Loving the Midwest.”  I think a lot of it could be said about JCMO, e.g., “If I complain that I had a hard time parking, what I mean is that there was no space waiting for me directly in front of my destination and I had to drive another 50 feet to find one….What I like best of all…means we now run into people we know at the playground and the post office and the farmers’ market.”  It is worth the read.

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