Reason # 3 to Live in the Riverhood – Trains

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JCMO Railroad Tracks River

Have I told you lately that I LOVE my neighborhood?  Well I do.  You can read about why here & here.  Another reason I love living in the Riverhood?  The trains.

Growing up, I remember my mom always talking about trains.  She grew up in house on East Capitol Ave (between the Capitol and MSP).  She always talked about hearing the trains at her house when she was a young girl — and it was something I never really “got.”  I never knew my Grandfather (her father), but he was a Conductor on the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Trains have always brought back memories for my mom.

I guess my interest in trains probably was first piqued in college when I decided to read Atlas Shrugged.   The portrayal of trains as an economic driver always struck a chord with me.   I’m still looking for a painting of a train to hang in my home office.

Then, I moved to the Riverhood.  My mom, again, commented that I’d be able to hear the trains.  Still, I didn’t get it.   Now, I do.

Train Up Close JCMOThe trains chug along at most hours of the day.  My favorite is at night.  The trains run right along the river, and even though we are probably half a mile from the river, we still hear the rumble of the trains at night.  It’s almost like a low, distant thunder.  It’s also a gentle reminder that the world keeps going — keeps moving — even while we are asleep. That we are just one small piece of a bigger puzzle.

Now, the trains tell me I’m home.  The trains are the white noise machine I never knew I wanted.  I fear if I ever move (yeah right) that I will have to find a sleep machine with a “trains” option (now this is a solid business idea – but apparently others beat me to it).

And now that I have a son, I get to share the joy of having trains in our neighborhood with him.  Even in our house, he can hear the train whistle — his face lights up and he shouts: “I hear Choo Choo Train!”  Also, we’ve been lucky enough on a few of our walks through the Millbottom, to get up close and personal with a few trains.   Drew can’t get enough.  I imagine him years from now, a father himself, being the one to tell his kids about the sounds of the train at his boyhood home.



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  1. Elizabeth

    My boys (husband included) love the trains too! Even just listening to them from our yard thrills them!

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