Quiz: How JCMO Hipster are you?

Jun 19, 2013 by

Do you miss the quizzes from Seventeen Magazine?  Okay, maybe not.  But after many recent discussions with folks, I realized there are a lot more hipsters in JCMO than one might think.  Wondering if you are a JCMO hipster?  Here is your key to finding out…

Sara Amick Jefferson City

My sister rocks the JCMO hipster lifestyle.

One point for every YES…
You have a v-neck, cardigan, and plaid shirt hanging in your JCMO closet.
You regularly drop off your glass recycling at one of the three glass recycling drop off spots.
You have a favorite microbrew at Prison Brews.
You’ve purchased vinyl at In the Groove Records.
You purchase beef (if you eat it) at Weber’s . (h/t @JGamblin).
You’ve enjoyed Renee’s Homestead Bread.
You get your beans at Three Story Coffee.
You’ve cheers’ed at an Ecco Lounge Retro beer night.
You’ve tie-dyed at Yo-Yums.
Your latest interior decoration came from The Filing Station.
You’ve thrown a frisbee on the Capitol Lawn, you’ve spent time on the Disc Golf Course, or you are in the Disc Golf Club.
You go to the Mission (bonus point if it’s on weeknights).
You’ve purchased food (or plants) at D&D.
You frequent Vitality, the vegan cafe.
Your mode of transportation is walking, your bicycle, or your moped.
You love a good Boulevard Cafe smoothie.
You cloth diaper, you’ve purchased cloth diapers for a friend, or you’ve been to Sprouting Up.
You know one of the best places to find  Coconut Oil is the Health Foods Store.
You’ve been to one of JCMO’s three bicycle shops: here, here or here.
You’ve purchased hand crafted chocolate or a gluten free dessert at CORK.
You’ve crossed the bike-ped bridge…more than once.
You spend your Saturday mornings at the Lincoln Farmers’ Market.
Add Up Your Score.
Less than 6 = Seriously you need to get out more.  Turn off the TV.  Get out of your parents’ basement.   Live.
6-12 = We like where your head is at, but you should really explore the city a bit more.  There is a lot more out there than you might think.
12-18 = You are dipping your toe in the hipster lifestyle. Most people in JCMO would probably consider you somewhat “alternative.”  Crunchy with a lowercase c.
18+ Who knew JCMO could be your very own Portlandia oasis? Crunchy with a capital C.  You are finding a way to make JCMO cool, ya know, before it was *really* cool.
Are you a JCMO hipster?  Tell us what we missed.

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  1. I scored 3 Yes’s. However, I did learn TONS of new stuff about OUR town. #JCMO. What’s that make me? a Prep or a Jock? Haha.

  2. Different strokes for different folks, Nathan! Hoping to come up a few more quizzes that might be more up your alley. I just like the idea that people with lots of different interests and ideas can find a home in JCMO.

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