Where is the Riverhood? #JCMO

Jun 26, 2013 by

I’ve been asked by some to define “the Riverhood.”  My first response:  those who live in the Riverhood just know.  If you have to ask, then the answer is no.  But, some of my favorite blogs use Microsoft Paint to illustrate important points (Yeah, that’s right — Microsoft Paint, have you heard of it? It is all the rage).  So here you go, a map of the Riverhood:

The Riverhood

Reasons to Live the Riverhood?  One, Two, and Three.  Check back tomorrow for reason number Four.

Anyone care to contest these boundaries?  Do you have a name for your neighborhood?  I’ve heard some good ones.  Apparently, if you live on/near Moreau Drive you are a “Moureauvian” (h/t Gus).  Once you have a name, you have to have a tag line too:  Riverhood – up to no good…(Hoboken – no jokin’…Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, anyone?).

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  1. Nathan Hays

    I’ve been looking fer me a house in dat der area.

    • Jeff Kolb

      Gotta 3br/3bath home on Western Air Dr, walk to belair school, huge oversized garage, roomy kitchen with lots of cabinets. Im a friend of Pam Browner, ph.645-1115

  2. Karl Michael

    I looked for a home for two years (thank you for being patient, Carol Gardner at Remax)and had given up on finding what I want. Then, the next Sunday evening I saw 126 East Circle on the Realty show. I called Carol Monday morning, looked that night, made an offer the next morning and by Tuesday night had a contract. 48 hours from giving up to contract. Can’t be happier…I live in alomost the exact geographic center of that map.


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