Reason #4 to Live in the Riverhood: Get Happy

Jun 27, 2013 by

Another reason living in the Riverhood is better than living anywhere else?  It increases your happiness.

Riverhood Jefferson City

This is your face in the Riverhood.

Read this article: “What is the Best Predictor of Unhappiness?”  Spoiler alert:  Long commutes.  Not only are long commutes correlated with increased stress but they are also bad for your health. Nothing kills a morning, a happy hour, or your budget like a long commute.

Downtown Jefferson City serves as a hub of economic activity in Jefferson City.  Living in the Riverhood keeps you close to all the action.  Google Maps says I’m just 2.1 miles from work (or 6 minutes).  Leave the house at 7:20 for your 7:30 meeting at Coffee Zone?  No problem.

I love the flexibility that a short commute gives me.  Left your phone at home?  No worries.  Want to cook a healthy lunch from scratch?  No sweat.    Need some extra exercise? Bike or walk to work.  Do a load of laundry or a load of dishes over lunch to free up your evening.  Throw dinner in the crock pot.  Water your plants.

Live in the Riverhood. C’mon get happy.

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