Weekend Adventures in JCMO: Runge Nature Center

Jul 3, 2013 by

Runge Nature Center | Jefferson City, Missouri | JCMO

Checking out the fish.

The weather has been so beautiful in JCMO.  Last weekend, we decided to take advantage of it and head out to Runge Nature Center.  Honestly, the last time I was there was when we took my nephews who are from St. Louis a few years ago.  Now that Drew is almost two, we thought we would check it out.

We went pretty early on Saturday morning.  There was a lot going on — I was pretty impressed.  They had a table set up for coloring right past the front desk.  There were several other tables set  up with staff and optional games.  All of the tables related to mimicry.  There was a frog that could turn various shades depending on what the frog was near/on.  They had a game similar to an “I Spy” book where you had to try and find certain animals.  How fun!

Runge Nature Center | Jefferson City, Missouri | JCMO

Saying hi to the turtles.

We also explored the indoor part of the Runge Nature Center.  Drew loved seeing the fish, snakes, turtles, and the rest of the animals.  He also especially enjoyed the indoor wildlife viewing area where we could see a deer, turkeys, squirrels and birds.  They actually have a Web Camera that you can view online.

Runge Nature Center | Jefferson City, Missouri | JCMO

Indoor Wildlife Viewing Area

After exploring the indoor part of Runge, we took a walk on the shortest trail (I can’t remember the name).  It was beautiful.  There were several families also out on the trial, as well as a few joggers, and a few other people who appeared to be just enjoying some time outdoors.

Runge Nature Center | Jefferson City, Missouri | JCMO

Nature walk.

They also had a game set up for kids where they had neckties (“snakes”) hanging in trees and along the trail — if you counted them all up and got it right, you got a prize.  Drew is still a little young for some of the activities, but I see lots of trips to Runge in our future.

Runge Nature Center | Jefferson City, Missouri | JCMO

Taking a rest on the trail.

Runge is celebrating its 20 year Birthday on July 13 — with lots of fun, free, family friendly activities. More details in their latest newsletter
(scroll to the last page).  Maybe we will see you there?!?

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