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Apparitional, a new indie paranormal thriller about ghost hunters dying to capture the dead will premiere at midnight in Jefferson City this Saturday.  Why JCMO?

Easy.  It was filmed at the Missouri State Penitentiary in late 2012.  The trailer is pretty awesome. Watch it below:

The movie was funded in part, by a KickStarter type website, Indiegogo.  I really like behind the scenes looks at movies and that is what you can find on their Indiegogo page.  The video below, in particular, I thought was worth watching.  The Director says: “I had to find a prison…eventually I found Missouri State Penitentiary.”  There is a cameo by local Chris Wilson of the CVB. The actors also comment on working inside MSP.  Really strange (and awesome) seeing people you know and places you’ve been ready for the big screen.

There is also a time lapse makeup video here.  The Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau has a full day of events scheduled including an early morning screening, a meet & greet with the cast and director, an evening of Ghost Tours and a red carpet event, all leading up to the official movie premiere.

Tickets can be purchased from Capital 8 Theatres or by visiting Additional details here: and here:

The prison looks so good on film.  If you haven’t toured, you need to — it is an experience in and of itself.  But seeing that prison — the same cells I have perused, the same stairs I have climbed and the same hallways I have walked —  seeing it in the trailer?  Crazy.  It has me dreaming up all the other plot scenarios that could be filmed in an abandoned prison.  JCMO is ready for the big time.

I am not a scary movie person.  Still, rumor has it they used a lot of JCMO locals for extras.  I want to see the movie just to see who I can recognize in it!  I am planning to try to see it on Saturday, are you?


P.S. If prisons are your thing (historical prisons, not actual prison) — the 2013 Prison Break race is coming up on Sept. 7.  Details here.

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