20 Things about my 20s

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Today, I turn 30.  What is it about birthdays that make you feel so introspective and make you you feel like you need to evaluate your life?  Whatever it is, I’m there.  In his latest book, Start, Jon Acuff, describes the different stages of an (awesome) life as follows: (1) Learning (2) Editing (3) Mastering (4) Harvesting (5) Guiding.

He says in your twenties, you reside in “Learning,” which he describes as follows: “You didn’t yet know what you were made of, so you sampled many endeavors and did as much as you could to learn about yourself, the world around you, and where you best fit in.”

I did a lot of learning in my twenties.  I did lots of traditional learning in the classroom, but I did a lot of  real life experiences learning too.  I learned a lot about myself – mainly that I could do more than I thought.  I also learned that I still have a lot of learning to do.

Here are twenty somewhat random things about my twenties, all learning experiences:
I got three degrees (a BS, MPA, and JD).
I lived in three cities: Kirksville, Columbia, and JCMO – and spent a summer in Spain.
I married my best friend.
I learned (most) of the rules of rugby.
I did two consecutive pull-ups.
I survived the bar exam.
I landed my dream job.
We bought our first home.
And learned a lot about DIY.
I made a lot of friends.
And went to a lot of beautiful, fun weddings.
I ran a 10k.
I became a mom.
And nursed a baby for an entire year.
I ruined a dining room table with a Pinterest project.
I learned to shoot in manual.
I fell in love with reading.
I watched my sister live her dream – teaching.
I’ve officially given up on golf.
I’ve learned more than I ever wanted to know about code.
In Acuff’s book, the passage that really spoke to me about “Learning” was from the section “Be a Student of You”:

No one ever thinks that one element from his or her life can inform another.  We think we have to start from scratch each time.  But we don’t…

You’ve succeed at something.  Something came naturally.  Something worked.  How can you apply that to this?

More and more, I find overlap where I thought none existed.  Despite the fact my interests have changed substantially in the last ten years, so many of the things I learned and experienced now inform things I am working on.  Each is a building block.

Acuff says the next step is Editing.  I’ve already found myself doing a bit of this, especially over the last year.  While I still feel like there is so much to learn — I also feel like it’s time to let go of some things.  Acuff explains in “Editing” you start “prioritizing your passions.” Recently, I’ve most enjoyed time with family and quiet evenings with close friends.  I hope to make time for more of both of those things as I embark on life in my thirties.

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