My JCMO Calendar this Week – 9 September 2013

Sep 9, 2013 by

Downtown JCMO

What a beautiful Downtown.

Tuesday – Downtown Association Meeting (7:45 a.m. at 212 E. High St).

Wednesday – City Magazine Fall Issue Launch Party.  Come and get your copy of the magazine and read the article by yours truly!  Are you on the bus?

Thursday – (Down)Town Hall at 5:15 at J. Pfenny’s.  This is something new I am trying.  If you have an interest in Downtown and want to talk about your concerns, hopes or dreams (with respect to Downtown) and how’d you like to work with me to do something awesome, I’ll be there.  Let’s chat.

Thursday – Rotaract Hayride

Friday – Sip and Sit in Downtown JCMO


***Welcome to all of you who are finding your way here via the Jefferson City Magazine and via the Riverhood (or Hayselton/Circles) email list!


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