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JCMO | Jefferson City | MissouriLast weekend, my family decided last minute to go to the Lake.  We enjoyed dinner and the Arts Stroll in Downtown JCMO.  We went home (the Riverhood is just minutes from Downtown), packed our things, and were on the road by 8:00 p.m.  We were all settled in at the Lake by 9:00 p.m. with time to visit with my husband’s parents.  We spent a glorious day on the lake with several boat rides, lots of sun, a little swimming, a little football, a much needed nap,  and time to enjoy three home cooked meals, before departing about 8:00 p.m. on Saturday for our return trip to JCMO.  We were up bright and early and ready to help with a church lunch on Sunday morning.

People talk about JCMO being a “central location” when trying to plan statewide meetings.  But what does being a “central location” mean to residents of JCMO?

It means you have lots of options for day trips or weekend trips.  Just because I enjoy living in JCMO, doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy visiting some of the other great places in this state.   Living in JCMO means you are:

about two hours from a Cardinals game, the St. Louis Zoo or the City Museum

….take a detour south and you could be at the winery where we’ve celebrated an anniversary in Ste. Genevieve.

about two and a half hours from a Royals game,  Boulevard Brewing Co. and the future home of IKEA

….add thirty minutes and you are in one of our fav weekend spots: Weston, MO (dine/drink here, stay here).

about forty five minutes from the Lake, its Outlet Mall, and one of my personal favs: On the Rise

….you are only twenty five minutes from a Mizzou game,  the True/False Film Fest, or the best wings on the planet.

I like the fact that on any given weekend, all of these places and opportunities are available to me.  I doubt if I lived in KC that I would visit St. Louis much, or vice versa.  From JCMO, you can also get to some pretty great out-of-state destinations by driving:  Memphis in less than six hours and Chicago in a little over six hours, and to the west…(well let’s be honest, no one wants to visit Kansas).

Next up?  I’m hoping to cover some surprising facts about traveling in MidMo you might not know…in the meantime, what are your favorite spots in MO to visit?


P.S.  Here is a peek at the Arts Stroll that we went to Friday in Downtown JCMO.  Photo Credit: Jessica Duren, News Tribune.

Arts Stroll JCMO

Arts Stroll



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