I really like winning.

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That is one reason I think I chose law as a profession.   I am a competitive person.  It is in my blood.  If I can find a way to turn something into a competition, I will try.

You like winning, too?  Let’s be friends.  Because we are going to need each other for this win.

JCMO is Beautiful

JCMO is the Most Beautiful Small Town because our Downtown is BEAUTIFUL.

JCMO has been selected as a “finalist” in Rand McNally’s “Best of the Road” competition.   (Remember, we had to vote once a day for while)?  Well now we are on to Stage 2.  Half of our final “score” is based on US.

First – the volume of online activity between now and Sept. 27 accounts for 25% of our score.

Second – the persuasiveness of the content of the online activity that tells the contest judges why JCMO is the MOST BEAUTIFUL small town in the U.S is worth another 25%.*

So, I’m asking you, would you mind posting to your social media sites a recent picture and short quote about why you think JCMO is Beautiful?  Maybe do it once a day for the next fourteen days?  I bet you can find fourteen reasons, buildings, places or people that you think are BEAUTIFUL in JCMO.  That is your challenge.  Show a little JCMO love.  Let’s do this together,friends.  I think it will be fun.  It would also be pretty awesome to win.

[Surprise, not everyone in JCMO reads this blog, I know – what are they thinking?!? Feel free to share a link to this post to help spread the word!]  Or you can share this photo:



*FINE PRINT* Please note that photos and reviews will still be accepted on bestoftheroad.com and that all Facebook posts should tag bestoftheroad. Posts to other social media (i.e., Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest should use the #bestoftheroad). 

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  1. I’ve done my part! Just tagged a ton of my Instagram pics and wrote a review. We love JCMO and mid-MO!


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