I’m not asking for much…

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So as you know this has pretty much been an equal opportunity blog — if something is coming up in #JCMO and you let me know about it (and I would actually consider attending) I try to include it on my calendars — to share with everyone.  I haven’t pushed any causes (other than to have the Riverhood declared the best neighborhood in the universe — seriously where is the crown?).

Because this is my blog, and I can do what I want – I’m asking for your support.  Downtown’s Annual fundraiser is this Thursday.  We are raising money to try to replace the Holiday lights in Downtown.  If you noticed, they didn’t look so great least year (and haven’t for a while). Notice the lack of lights on the right side of the 200 block…

High Street JCMO

Photo Courtesy of Jay Pelzer

Not only will the new lights make Downtown shine, they will be more energy efficient (we will be installing LEDs).

The annual fundraiser is a comedy show — and this year the group is Nuns4Fun.  They are a group of professionals from Chicago.  “Bible Bingo” is their latest show and they are bringing it to JCMO for one night only.  The story line goes as follows:  the church needs money (we’ve all been there), and so they decide to do a bingo fundraiser.  The actress coordinates several games of audience bingo and hilarity ensues.

Bible Bingo

The show is on Thursday night at Miller Performing Arts Center.  Tickets are only $30.00 for reserved seats.  You can purchase them online here and we will hold the tickets at the door for you.  You can also get them at Samuel’s, Carrie’s, Hawthorn Bank, and Central (Motor Bank).

Everyone benefits from a beautiful, vibrant Downtown.  Most of the events and things we offer (like beautiful flowers and lights) are free to everyone in the community.  This is why I think everyone should support Downtown.

Can’t go to the show?  “I can’t go” or “I’m not a catholic/christian” or “I don’t like comedy” are not excuses not to support Downtown –


You can make a $25 or $50 donation simply by purchasing general admission tickets and putting in the details that it is a donation.

Buy two tickets for that neighbor that shovels your driveway, the friend who takes care of your dog.

Buy two tickets for you favorite customer or client, or to reward and employee who has done an exceptional job.

Buy two tickets and give them away on your facebook page to increase your own page likes.

Again…I’m not asking for much. I really haven’t asked for anything since I started writing this blog.  But I am asking that you support Downtown.

We will return to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow…



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