Reason #7 to Live in the Riverhood: Planes

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“It’s time for another Riverhood post,”  I told my husband last week, as we headed out of our driveway with the stroller for a walk. “I think I’m going to write about planes, I wonder if I will be able to get a few pictures on this walk.”

We rounded the corner near our house, and two minutes in…we heard the familiar sound.

Riverhood| Jefferson City | Missouri| Planes

Plane #1

Our son LOVES seeing airplanes on our walks.  Sometimes, he can hear them from inside the house and runs to the nearest door or window to try to catch a glimpse.  We went on our merry way, on one of our regular loops, and before long, we hear a familiar, but different sound.

Riverhood| Jefferson City | Missouri| Planes

Plane (okay, Helicopter) #2

If you haven’t heard and eighteen month old say the word “helicopter,” you should.  Too cute.  Living in the Riverhood, we’ve been able to get the “plane/helicopter” difference down early because we see them so frequently.

I like to imagine what the people in those planes are doing.  Are they important business people coming in for meetings with someone in state government?  Are they people getting in their hours to become pilots?  Are they on a bachelor-style romantic date?  Whatever they are up to, it is a gentle reminder of all of the activity happening in JCMO.

Speaking of activity, just a few minutes later, we heard it again.

Riverhood| Jefferson City | Missouri| Planes

Plane #3

I don’t really know much about airplanes, but it is really fun watching them fly over the Riverhood.  Apparently the airport stays pretty busy — I can’t say that three airplanes an hour is the usual around here, but I think we see airplanes most days.

According to their website, there are approximately seventy (70) aircraft based at the JCMO Airport and the airport handles 50,000 “operations” (take offs and landings) a year.  (Pro tip:  go to the North JCMO Park  when someone is practicing their takeoffs and landings — they essentially circle the park and take off /land every twenty minutes or so.  Toddlers think  this is awesome).  There are also a lot of pilots and people interested in flying in JCMO — they’ve started a club, called “Wings Over Missouri.”

Another perk?  The airport is only about 3.5 from my house – and not only do they have good food (Nick’s Family Restaurant), they plan some pretty neat events.  Last weekend they had their open house event and my son had a blast riding the “plane trane” and participating in the other kids activities.

Riverhood| Jefferson City | Missouri| Planes

Riding the “Plane Trane”

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