We Won!

Oct 9, 2013 by

Yesterday was a good day — I’ve already told you that I really like winning — and yesterday, we WON.

Rand McNally Best of the Road JCMO Jefferson City

Jefferson City was named “Most Beautiful” Small Town by Rand McNally for 2013.   Much of our score was based on social media activity (and I know a lot of you reading posted some great photos and reviews, so thank you!).  It was also based on our essay submission.  And this beautiful video:

Best of the Road – Jefferson City, MO from Lindsey Pantaleo on Vimeo.

And while winning is really fun, what I was more excited about yesterday was all the JCMO love.  So many people were sharing the article and telling the world why they think JCMO is beautiful.  It was one giant JCMO love fest — and I think we need one of those every now and then.  Thanks to the Best of the Road folks for giving us that opportunity and for reminding us what a truly beautiful city we live in.

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