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You know the cheer…or maybe you don’t.  We (the natives) catch a lot of grief about asking people “What High School did you go to?”  But I think you’d probably also get that question a lot in KC or STL.  People tend to use it as an example of how natives aren’t “inclusive” enough of people who didn’t grow up in JCMO.  I think it’s just a question people use to try to find common ground.  (It’s a rather boring question too, like, hey, how’s the weather?).  So while I don’t feel it is an explicit attempt to point out you are a non-native, I do think it’s a good example of why people might want to brush up on their conversation skills.

And one thing you can’t deny.  People in this town have a lot of Jay Pride.  Again, some people take issue with this.  But would you rather be in a town where there was no pride for your only public high school?  Where no one showed up to cheer on your sports teams?  Where there wasn’t community wide support for both in-classroom and extracurricular activities?  I think not.

[Side bar: this post has nothing to do with the current debate about “new” high school options].

Tonight, as I posted earlier this week, is the JCHS Homecoming Parade at 6:30 p.m. in Downtown (where else?).  Who doesn’t love a good parade?  (Seriously, watch this Kid President video).

In addition to the parade, there is also a pretty cool event for all alumni (poster below).  A group has also started a Facebook Page “Jay Pride Alive” so check it out too if you want to support the local public high school.

Jay Pride | JCMO | Jefferson City


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  1. I have only lived here for 9 months and I know the cheer. I love the pride in this town and I can’t wait for the parade tonight!

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