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Over the last several weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a number of people in real life who are friends-of-friends that at one point or another have read this blog.  It has come to my attention that most people in JCMO don’t wake up first thing in the morning and type this blog address into their browser.

Rather, they click on my (personal) Facebook posts to get here.  Problem is, you only get those posts if you are my “friend.”  And while, I like to think that I could be friends with anyone, I generally keep my Facebook limited to people I actually know.

SO…the blog now has it’s own Facebook page.  When a new post goes up — it will be posted to that page (but probably also to my personal page for a while).

And here is a little tip for you.  You know how sometimes you only see some page updates? And for some pages, you don’t want to miss a single post?  (For example, I have set my son’s daycare page to this setting — so I get ALL updates).  Here is how you make sure you never miss out:

After you “Like the page” click on the button that shows the check mark and the word “Liked.”  Roll down and click on “Show in News Feed.”  Then click on “Liked” again and click on “Settings” then selected “All Updates.”  DONE.

Here it is another way:

Liked -> Show in News Feed
Liked ->Settings->All Updates

I would appreciate it if you’d do this for MyJCMO and Downtown.


P.S. If you are looking for a way to do a little News Feed housekeeping of your own: It also works in reverse, so if there are some pages you care to hear less from you can choose to only get “Important Updates.”

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  1. Great idea, this was recommended to me too. High five!

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