Reason #8 to Live in the Riverhood: Corner Store

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So, I’m a Riverhood (and Westside) transplant.  Truth is:  I grew up on the Eastside.  We lived on Greenberry Road and I went to Moreau Heights.  One vivid memory I have from the Eastside is stopping at Lee’s.  It was a small grocery store across from what is now the Break Time.  It was a local place, and I think you could “charge” your groceries to your account, and they’d bill you at the end of the month.  Dangerous (for my budget, that is).

My husband tells me stories about he and his friends riding their bikes to Bob’s Market for sandwiches (wrapped in white butcher paper, of course).

Now we have D&D Market.  It’s such a great asset for the Riverhood.




Of course fall is one of the best times to shop at D&D.  The have a great, affordable pumpkins.


They also have a really great selection of assorted gourds.

They also have tons of fresh veggies!  Miss the farmer’s market?  No problem.  D&D is open from 10-5 most days.









They also stock a variety of spices and sauces inside the store.  As well as jellies and jams.




They also have other miscellaneous items such as hay bales…



and fire wood.



In the spring, D&D is full of hanging baskets overflowing with flowers, and any other type of plant you might need to spruce up your home landscaping.

These corner markets offer a lot of character to our neighborhoods.  No one ever looks back on their childhood and says “I really enjoyed that Super-Walmart.”  But Damon’s friendly smile and helpful service is something you remember.

He doesn’t recite a script of “Would you like help out with your groceries?” with eyes that say “No one ever says yes.”  He sees that you have a few bags of vegetables so he carries your pumpkin to your car without even asking. He will offer advice about plants and planting and spend time with you to make sure what you’ve got is what you need.  He cares about the products he sells and whether or not you come back.  While he doesn’t provide a full grocery store selection, he provides a great selection of fresh items.  Read an article about the store here.

I believe the Riverhood is the last neighborhood in JCMO to have  corner market.  This is reason #8 why I’m proud to live in the Riverhood.




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  1. Jenny

    I used to take Sophia and George on walks to the market and come home with veggies loaded in the bottom of the stroller!

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