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Last week, I got a new magazine in the mail – “daym.”  It says “Professional daym – Do business like a daym.”  It appears to be the inaugural issue and had some some pretty interesting content about women in business, entrepreneurs and even a (male) JCMO- raised cinematographer.

JCMO Magazines

A few weeks ago, I learned that the News Tribune plans to print a business focused magazine in the near future.

It got me thinking…we do have quite a few magazines in JCMO.  More than that, month after month they are all full of unique content — stories about really fascinating people, unique events, trendy products, luxurious homes and more.   I think having so many magazines is just a reflection of all the great things we have going on in JCMO (and Mid-Mo).

Have you checked them all out yet?

Jefferson City Magazine

HER Magazine

Capital Lifestyles

Daym (New – And I can’t find a website or social media page yet – anyone know if they have an online presence)?

[News Tribune Business Magazine – forthcoming this spring]

People always ask me how I find out about things happening in JCMO.  The magazines really are a great resource to learn about events, businesses and people in JCMO.  I think you can get a print subscription for all of them, and many of them post their current issue (or at least some of the articles) online!  Are there others I’m missing?


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