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So hopefully after you read my post about Rotaract, it made you want to be a member.  I know from the myJCMO blog survey, that some of you are no longer eligible to be in Rotaract (turning 31, again this year right)?


Anyway, if you are over thirty but still want a fun group of people to spend your time with — a group of people who also care deeply for this community and the other people in it — Satellite Rotary might be a good option for you.  It is a newer club, just beginning to form. The idea is to bridge the gap between Rotaract and the four Rotary clubs in Jefferson City.  I think most people in this club will be in their thirties.

The club is going to meet the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month — the 1st week of the month they will visit another Rotary Club and the 3rd week they will meet on Wednesday evenings together as a Satellite Club.  To learn more download this: Satellite Club Fact Sheet.

If you are interested in joining or getting involved, you can email: Erin Wiseman at or Amber Hall at

What are you waiting for?


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