10 Things on Tuesday: Instagram Edition

Mar 11, 2014 by

I am loving Instagram lately… and I’ve found some really unique JCMO Instagram accounts.  In fact, there are several people I follow on Instagram that I hope to meet — because I can tell from their feed that we should be friends.

If you are not following these 10 JCMO Instagram accounts, you should be:

(1) @murraystu
-Stuart works at the capitol and has one of the most creative perspectives on some of JCMO’s most classic buildings.


(2) @jojessicad
-Jessica is the BizBeat reporter for the JCNT.  She’s up on current events and frequents Downtown hot spots and community events.

(3) @jakkiwashington
-I don’t know Jakki, but I love her Instagram account.  I especially love some of the unique angles she captures of state buildings we all pass by on a daily basis.

(4) @thegrandcafejc
-The Grand is setting the gold standard for eateries in JCMO on Instagram right now. The pictures of local, fresh food will have your mouth watering!


(5) @empireprintingllc
-You can tell these people are artists by their Instagram account.  I love how they translate their logo into all sorts of different things (octopus, turtle, patterns and prints).

(6) @bkbakeryjc
-If you missed the pics of the chocolate croissant last weekend, be thankful.  One look and you won’t be able to get that flaky goodness off your mind….I’m still thinking about it.


(7) @downtownjcmo
-A little shameless (psudeo)self-promotion.  We started this account for Downtown, but haven’t updated it as much as we like.  Hopefully as it warms up and as our events ramp up, you will see more!


(8) @southbankgifts
-One of JCMO’s treasures uses Instagram to highlight new products, sales, and more.  Baby Vera, anyone?

(9) @wagnergus
-Gus, one of JCMo’s social media experts, is actually fairly new to Instagram, but he has taken it by storm.  JCMo skies, beer and beverages, and his dog seem to be his current fave subjects.

(10) @ilovethislookboutique
-Sonja owns the newest boutique in Downtown JCMO.  She is constantly posting new arrivals (clothing and jewelry) and posting pics of real people in her clothes.

While these ten Instagram accounts are totally rockin’ it, there aren’t a lot of other JCMO Instagram accounts out there.  The lesson seems to be that for businesses and organizations, there is a lot of “space” in JCMO Instagram right now.  If you haven’t signed up, it’s worth the effort in my opinion.   I would love to see more local retail and food in my feed!

What is one of your favorite JCMO Instagram accounts?  Tell me in the comments!


P.S. Follow me on Instagram at @stephaniesbell!



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