10 Things on Tuesday: Riverhood Edition

Mar 25, 2014 by

Sidewalks in the Riverhood Jefferson City Missouri

The Sidewalks in the Riverhood on my favorite loop.

By now, you know my love for the Riverhood runs deep.  (Seriously, see these posts).  Last weekend, the weather was terrible, per usual — but we did have a beautiful Friday evening.  I told my husband that we had to get out for a walk on Friday since we’d likely be stuck indoors the rest of the weekend, and that is just what we did.

I was amazed at all of the people we ended up bumping into — it seemed as though everyone was trying to soak up every last ounce of that wonderful vitamin D.  It seemed especially odd because I would generally think people would have other things to do on a Friday night — other than milling about near their house, but if they are like us, milling about in the Riverhood is exactly how we wanted to spend our Friday night.

It was a glorious walk, and upon further reflection it led me to another reason why I don’t know if I’ll ever move anywhere else:  it is a friendly, welcoming place to live — a true “neighborhood.”  I grew up in one of these neighborhoods in JCMO.  Where the neighborhood kids bounced from house to house, the parents enjoyed time spent on porches and back decks, and people regularly interacted outdoors.  In high school, my parents moved to a different (non-walkable neighborhood).  While I now know all of these neighbors are pretty wonderful, nice people, it just wasn’t the same vibe.  You never just “bumped” into your neighbor while outside, usually the best you could expect was a wave as you passed them entering or exhibiting the neighborhood.

I’m so glad to be raising my son in an area where people regularly interact face-to-face and take a genuine interest in one another.  Where you can get to know your neighbors, catch up with friends, and gain a little perspective on life simply by taking a quick stroll.  Although our walk was short, here are just ten things I observed on my walk:

1.  A boy testing the speed limits of his remote control car

2. Neighbors (both with small kids) waving to one another, across the street from front porches

3. A man enjoying watching others pass by (or stop and pet his dog) from his porch

4. A little girl hopelessly trying to get up a hill on a bike and stopping to push

5. A friend, who I’ve been meaning to catch up with, out for a jog

6. A new mom (with a young barely walking child) who appeared to be thankful for a few minutes outside the house

7. A caring daughter, delivering groceries to aging parents

8.  A woman, examining her flower beds, making plans for spring planting

9. Kids playing tag

10.  (What about us?)  A young couple, pushing a chatty toddler in a stroller, thankful to be out for a much needed walk after a long week.

Ten more reasons to love the Riverhood.


P.S.  I also learned something new on our walk  (which could be of particular importance to you other preggos or moms of potty-training kids) — the Break Time in the Riverhood has the nicest, cleanest bathroom I have ever witnessed in my life, complete with a plant!  Although it probably doesn’t deserve its own post, “clean public restroom” = point for the Riverhood.

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