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1187222_347212405412886_1995741434_nFolks, it’s officially opening today.  This is a BIG deal.

I still remember when I stopped in at CORK one day and first heard about the possibility of an independent theater in Downtown.  I can’t even remember why I was stopping in to talk with Jami that day.

I had talked to her before about how I thought a different property would have been a good spot for a theater and it was kind of one those hopes and dreams that we throw out a lot like, “Gee, I wish Downtown had a full on grocery store, a donut shop, a Mexican restaurant, a kids play place like a Going Bonkers…[and the list goes on].”  Most of us have numerous wishes, hopes and dreams for Downtown.  And while we are certainly making progress, a lot of our “dreams” have been lingering for quite a while.

But this day, in the fairly recently renovated space where CORK resides, Jami looked at me and said, “A theater.  With independent films. It’s happening.  I am going to make it happen.”

We hear a lot of rumors about what is going to happen in Downtown JCMO.  Some work out, but a lot don’t.  Jami had recently made CORK a wonderful new dining and event spot in Downtown, and I knew she could do this too.

She did her research, gathered a team of supporters, volunteers, experts and community minded individuals, and…truth be told, it has been a long haul…but, today, folks, it’s happening.

Ventures like the Cinema (and Ragtag in Columbia) are just not profit producing entities.  The Cinema will follow the Ragtag model in that it will be a community supported venture, as they say, “community based and mission driven.”  It will take all of us to make it really work.  I know we can do it.

I first saw the power of the theater during the Holiday Season when they did a special early viewing of Disney’s Planes (in conjunction with Macaroni Kid Jefferson City).  It was “sold out” way in advance and we had lots of people contacting us (the Downtown Association) about wanting to see the movie.  There was genuine excitement about the showing and the potential for future kids’ movies showings in Downtown.  I saw lots of parents grabbing a coffee at Coffee Zone prior to the film and lots of families grabbing some YoYums after the movie.

The amount of people the Cinema will draw to Downtown is just the infusion of life and energy we need to keep the current momentum going and growing.

And, for those of you who are inner-geeks like me, the first showing (Particle Fever) is a superb choice.  It looks absolutely fascinating.  I watched the trailer, and I WILL find a way to squeeze this in this week.  Seriously, watch this:

Science documentaries not your thing?  There are some other great choices already lined up:


To all of you who have worked on the Cinema project, and in particular, Jami Wade, congratulations on your official opening day.  Your contributions to our community are sincerely appreciated.  You have taken one of our Downtown hopes and dreams and made it a reality. You make us all proud.



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  1. Bill Stine

    Love the new Capitol City Cinema space. Thirteen of our MOstly Opera singers performed there on February 22 before the cinema opened to the public. Jami invited us to sing in the cinema after we had sung at the Cork for Living Windows in December 2013 on a very chilly evening. Really enjoyed performing there in the warmth of being inside and not singing outside in the cold.

    Wish I had seen “Particle Fever” because our scientific computer series that I worked on was shipped to CERN in 1964 and I worked with the customer engineer that shipped out to CERN to maintain our big computer.

    Enjoyed my first documentary (Rag Tag style) recently when the Branson story “We Always Lie to Strangers” was playing.

    In summary, the idea of the cinema is a pretty cool one and a big plus for downtown Jefferson City.

    • That is fascinating that you have a connection to CERN. We didn’t get to catch We Always Lie to Strangers, but we are hoping to catch the Vivian Maier film this weekend. I agree — it is a huge PLUS!

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