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One of the biggest suggestions I have heard over the last several years is that people don’t know how to find information about events, organizations and other things happening in JCMO.  I do my best to get the word out about stuff I’m a part of through social media, community calendars and announcements, but especially lately I feel like there is a lot of noise.  How do you sift through everything to find the important stuff?  This is my shot at doing that for you.  It won’t always be perfect and it won’t necessarily be pretty — but it is a step in the right direction.

I feel like I spend a lot time connecting people to other people or to the right information. Most of this is done individually in meetings and via email.  I think that most of the information I pass along is probably beneficial to more people in JCMO than just the one person asking about it — mainly because I get a lot of the same questions and end up forwarding a lot of the same info.  Maybe you’ve had the same question and you just didn’t know who to ask. Maybe you never thought to ask but are glad to know the answer anyway.

This is myJCMO for a reason. I’m not going to pretend that I have all of the information about JCMO, or always have the correct information about JCMO, but that is where you come in.  Hopefully, you will comment and/or email me and let me know about yourJCMO.  Ultimately, I hope we can share the same basic view of JCMO.  I hope that myJCMO will equip you with the knowledge and resources you need to love JCMO the way that I do.

In myJCMO…

In myJCMO, there is always something to do whether you are single or married; rich or poor; gay or straight; retired or in high school; parents or DINKs; have tattoos, piercings or not; there is something to do if you are a hipstera shopaholica vegan, a Christian, a sports fanatic, a pet lover, or originally from a “big” city.  Seriously, there is a lot of stuff going on here.

In myJCMO, things are vastly different (for the better) than they were ten years ago.

In myJCMO, there are lots of people working tirelessly to keep this community going and make it better.

In myJCMO, people are crazy-generous with their time, talent and money.

In myJCMO, we believe that a community worth living in is a community worth working to improve.

In myJCMO, we understand that together, we can accomplish things that none of us could accomplish individually.

In myJCMO, we love JCMO.

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