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JCMO Jeffferson City MissouriThe most important thing to know is that Jefferson City, MO across all platforms is “JCMO.”


Did you know JCMO has an app?  That is right. The city ran a contest — and the winning app, JCMO, by Michael Roling, is quite good.  It is on my iPhone.   There is also an app to pinpoint the location of the JeffTran buses.


Again, if you are looking for or posting something about JCMO, use “#JCMO.”  If you are looking for info about what is happening in the Capitol, use “#MoLeg.”

Many people and local businesses are on twitter.  Several people have created JCMO or Mid-MO lists:

Jefferson City” by Our River City

JCMO Tweeps” by Zach Paul 

Mid-Missouri” by The Rocket Group

Mid-Missouri 2” by The Rocket Group


There are also several JCMO Facebook interest lists.

Downtown JCMO” and “Jefferson City” by yours truly.

Jefferson City – Food” by Melissa Krol Karotka

Google +

This platform hasn’t really caught on in JCMO yet, but you can search “JCMO” to see who is active.


Do I really need to go over this again? Search JCMO to see lots of wonderful pics of the Capitol and other places in JCMO.



High Street Beat – The  pioneer of JCMO Blogging is former JCMO Mayor, John Landwehr

-Food/Healthy Lifestyle Blogs

-Personal Blogs

-Business Blogs

Am I missing your Blog or List?  Or a JCMO blog you regularly read? Tell me about it in the comments and I will update this post…